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September 2022 Food for the Soul

Wow, it’s September already. September is a very transitional month, filled with hurried schedules and high emotion. It’s a month of adjusting and letting go, just as the trees let go of their leaves in the fall. This month focus is to “Refresh; Rebirth, Rejuvenate!”

Refresh – give new strength or energy to our purposes/destiny

Rebirth – the act of bringing back to life or renewed interest

Rejuvenate – give new energy or vigor to go forward

So, this September, look at things with a different perspective, and simplify. Have you ever taken a nature walk or even just stepped out into your back yard, taken a deep breath, and just taken in the beauty of your surroundings? Whether it’s meditation, or a moment of reflection, it can make a difference in your day. So this September focus is to center on the beauty in simplicity and changing your mindset, so you can face this very busy month with a positive attitude, giving God all the Glory!!!

My September’s Prayer:

Heavenly Father, Thank You for being my provider, my protector, and the One who lays me down in green pastures and makes all my paths straight. You are my personal shepherd, who lays down His life to protect me. With You, l lack for nothing.

Father God, Thank You that You lift my heavy head and refresh me with Your loving mercy and kindness.

Father God, for others who are praying with me, Grant us a refreshed spirit and a renewed mind so we may see You, and the world around us. Get us out of our heads and into: our families, our marriages, our occupations, our churches, our community, our world. Restore our joy and give us eyes for Your Presence in us and around us, and we give it to you! Thank You to Refresh, Rebirth our dreams, and Rejuvenate us spiritually and physically to fulfill our destiny. In Jesus’ name, Hallelujah and Amen!

Brenda JP Crawford Ministries

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