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Your SHAPE is made up of your Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences. These are the five things that make you who you are.

No one else has your particular combination of gifts, talents, and passions. Why do you think you have your particular makeup? Because God gave it to you for HIS glory. If all Christians liked to do the same things and were good at the same things, we would accomplish a lot less for the Gospel in the world.

So God made you unique, and there’s nobody else like you. Your SHAPE is yours alone.


Father God, please show me just how special you have made me. Take me wherever you need to, so I can experience you like never before. Ignite my heart. Let it forever burn for the things you desire most—people. Align my dreams and desires with yours.

Father God and my Lord, I long to be a difference-maker. Show me the way and your will, so I can follow. I fully acknowledge that I can do nothing without you. Please grant me continued grace, love, and wisdom as I walk this journey with you.

Fill me with your love. Make my motives pure and honorable. Teach me the things I still need to learn so I can truly honor you with all of my life. Grant me faith like never before. Help me move away from my comforts and closer to your callings.

Father God, help me find and fulfill the specific purpose in life you created me for so I can do your work in my generation for Your glory. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!

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