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In spite of all the things that have happened this year, as well as current events, Thanksgiving is important.

Thanksgiving can strengthen your faith. Thanking and praising God gives a person immense strength they could never dream of. By reminiscing about everything the Lord has done for you, your faith grows more and more each time you give thanks.

Furthermore, Thanksgiving Day celebration reflects a sense of interconnectedness among people and cultures. In these trying times, I think we need this day more than ever. It’s a holiday that’s perfect for gathering (social distancing, hand washing & mask please for health safety) with loved ones and expressing gratitude for our blessings. For me, Thanksgiving is a reminder to appreciate all that’s joyful in my life, which includes my beloved family, friends, and colleagues; as well as my lifestyle and good health. I love this holiday because it focuses on all things positive. I challenge you this month to...

  1. Be Thankful. Be thankful to God, to others, and within your heart. ...

  2. Be Joyful. Sing unto God your praise and thanksgiving. ...

  3. Be Sharing. Talk about all the wonderful things God is doing in your life to others (saved and unsaved).

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