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Reflecting on this past year and up-to-now…the good, not so good and the ugly, this question came up…how do you think God sees you? Which 1 Corinthians 6:17 came to mind.

If we are in Christ, we are in His body, which is why Paul utilizes the word "spirit." We cannot see Christ’s body. It is invisible, but it is real! We are in Him! Question: Are you truly aware of that? We need to be growing in the understanding of it. We, as believers, when things not going as we plan and we start hanging out with the wrong crowd and developed severe bad habits, which in turn led to a series of devastating mistakes…dropping out of church (virtual or physical), isolating yourself…not thinking right, the enemy creeps up making you feel ashamed and miserable. But having true spiritual friends that drop a few words of encouragement in-spite of your current mindset/situation… that God, in His grace, was still reaching out to you and He loves you. WOW!

I want to reiterate… When God looks at you, He sees Jesus! You honestly believe God is ashamed of you because of your mistakes and failures. Well, you may have either not heard or have forgotten that the payment for your sins has already been made in full upon the body of Jesus at the cross.

Just remember, when God looks at you today, He does not judge, esteem, and measure you according to your imperfections. He sees you in Christ, and He sees the blood that has been shed for you by His dear Son. He sees Jesus! Because of this, His thoughts toward you are thoughts of loving-kindness, forgiveness, blessings, and favor. Jesus paid an immeasurably heavy price on the cross so that you can live life completely accepted and unconditionally loved by God. Knowing and believing this will make all the difference in how you live your life—no matter what is staring you in the face. Hallelujah and Amen!

Much LoveMuch PrayerMuch Grace--In the Service of Kingdom Building, Brenda J. Crawford Founder & Chief Empowering Agent Brenda J.P. Crawford Ministries (717) 395-1726 Email: Website:

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