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September Focus: Weekly Prayers

In the name of Jesus, Father God, multiply Your grace, Your favor, Your mercy, Your shalom peace and mercy, in the name of the Lord Jesus, and Father God, if there ever be a root thought that is causing depression, evict that thought Lord, in Jesus’ name, right now, and replace that thought Lord with a healing thought from you, from Your Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

Father God, I pray for those who are worried and anxious because they are always distracted, they are being pulled on different sides. I pray in Jesus’ name, shalom, shalom, in the name of Jesus. Father God, impart Your aggressive peace that is beyond them Lord, that will so guard their heart and mind, Lord, that will so arrest their emotions, Lord, from being distracted and from being diverted, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Father God, grant them that shalom peace, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.

Thank You Father for all that You are doing, Lord, and for that which we don’t see, Father I thank You that You are doing it anyway. Thank You Father for imparting healing. O Father, You are always supplying, You're always giving. Give us eyes to see, Father. Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness, in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah and Amen!

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