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September Focus

September 2021 Focus: Food for the Soul

Hebrews 13:6-9 (The Message) 5-6 Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me? 7-8 Appreciate your pastoral leaders who gave you the Word of God. Take a good look at the way they live, and let their faithfulness instruct you, as well as their truthfulness. There should be a consistency that runs through us all. For Jesus doesn’t change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he’s always totally himself. 9 Don’t be lured away from him by the latest speculations about him. The grace of Christ is the only good ground for life. Products named after Christ don’t seem to do much for those who buy them. My Prayer… Heavenly Father, thank You for Jesus. Thank You that He broke the power of sin and death and removed the curse of the law from all who have found their salvation in Him. Keep us from the varied and strange teachings that are invading our churches, schools, etc., and give us wisdom and discernment to know what is doctrinally unsound. Strengthen us by Your grace and prevent us from being drawn into any form of legalist teachings. This I ask in Jesus' name, Hallelujah and AMEN!

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