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As the month of June unfolds, I am reminded of the beautiful blessings that God has in store for us. This month (my Birthday month), I will provide scriptures and/or prayers each week (on Facebook) from one of my focus topics listed below:

1. That we would know the love of Christ.

2. That we would love God's word.

3. That we would desire Christ above all else.

4. That God would show us the idols of our heart.

5. That we would be quick to repent.

6. That we would think less about ourselves.

7. That we would have gospel joy.

8. That we would love like Christ.

9. That we would number our days.

10. That God's will would be done.


Father God, Thank You for loving us unconditionally. Do not pass us by this month. Please do not hide Your face from us. Attend to all our pending requests. The God of the Turnaround, make this month of June a turning point in our walk with You, in our health, career, finances, business, education, marriage and family life. Turn our mourning to joy, our requests to big testimonies of Your faithfulness, in Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!

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