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December 2022 Focus

December 2022 Spiritual Focus:

“Good News of the Gospel”

Do you know the good news of the gospel is unearned grace? The word "gospel" comes from the Greek word evangelion (translated in Old English as "good news"). The good news of the gospel is God’s gift to YOU and the ONLY way to salvation.

The gospel gives you eternal life and as a believer of Christ Jesus, you should have a spiritual hunger to spread the gospel to EVERYONE now more than ever! The gospel is JESUS! He is everything you desperately need whether you believe in Him or not! Atheists do not believe in God but the gospel is “truth.” The gospel isn’t completed once you place your trust, hope, and faith in Jesus for salvation. Salvation is just the beginning, then it’s a daily process of sanctification and being a good steward for Christ, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Bottom line, the message of the good news is Jesus Christ promised in God’s Word, specifically, Christ’s birth, Christ’s death on the cross, and Christ’s resurrection, leaving the promised hope of salvation for any who believes and follows Him. Amen!

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